Buy a Water Filter vs Become a Water Filter

Aqua Fresh explains why you become the water filter when you do not use a water filtration system for the water you consume.

“Buy a filter or be a filter” is our chosen tagline and this emphasises the importance of investing in a reliable water filtration system for the water you consume.

This tagline serves as a reminder that we have a choice: either take control of the water we consume or become exposed to the impurities and contaminants that can be found in unfiltered water sources.


The Benefits of Buying a Water Filter System

By choosing to purchase a water filter, we empower ourselves to protect our health and well-being against the dangerous contaminants found in our tap water.

Water filters work as a physical barrier that can block or trap contaminants from passing through. The right water filter system can help protect you and your family against:

  • Chlorine
  • Harmful chemicals
  • Nasty bacteria
  • Bad taste and odour
  • Cryptosporidium and giardia
  • Heavy metals
  • Sediment

According to the Queensland Health Guidelines, a recommendation to protect against Cryptosporidium is “not to drink inadequately filtered water and boiling untreated water or water of unknown quality for at least one minute before drinking.” Encouraging people to take this proactive approach and make a conscious decision to filter their water, allows them to live cleaner, healthier lifestyles.

The Consequences of Not Buying a Water Filter

On the other hand, if you do not filter your water, you risk becoming the filter and consuming pollutants that can have long-term effects on your health.

Water from various sources, such as tap water or groundwater, can contain a wide range of contaminants. Without proper filtration, you are exposing yourself to these pollutants every time you consume unfiltered water.


Some potential long-term effects of consuming polluted water include:

  1. Increased risk of illness: Waterborne pathogens like bacteria, viruses, and parasites can cause various gastrointestinal diseases such as diarrhea, vomiting, and stomach cramps. These illnesses can lead to dehydration and even severe complications, particularly in vulnerable age groups including children, the elderly, or individuals with compromised immune systems.
  2. Chronic health conditions: Prolonged exposure to certain chemicals and heavy metals found in water, such as lead, arsenic, or mercury, has been linked to the development of chronic health conditions. These may include kidney damage, liver problems, neurological disorders, hormonal imbalances, and certain types of cancer.
  3. Weakened immune system: Consuming water contaminated with pollutants can weaken the immune system over time, making you more susceptible to infections, diseases, and allergies.


Our tagline “buy a filter or be a filter” serves as a call to action, urging people to prioritise their health and invest in a dependable filtration system for their home. 

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