Filtered Water v Bottled Water

Bottled Water or Filtered Water – Which is Safer for Drinking?


In our previous blog, we have mentioned the importance of drinking clean, safe water as opposed to tap water.

However, when discussing clean water, we often run into the common misconception that bottled water is the cleanest and healthiest type of drinking water on the market.

This really isn’t the case. In this blog, our experts will explain the differences between bottled water vs. a filtered water system.




1. Pros

Bottled water is convenient. It’s very easy to pick a pack up while doing your weekly shopping and is often healthier and better tasting than basic tap water (which contains chlorides and fluoride).


2. Cons

Not all bottled water is the same. In fact there is significant variation between brands, country of origin and the type of water being bottled (such as catchment, spring or government facility). This high level of variation puts the onus of discovery and research onto the consumer when choosing their bottled water, something which is often complicated due to confusing labelling.

Further, while the water might enter the bottle filtered and clean, it does not always stay that way. In 2018, an American study found that 11 different brands of bottled water consistently contained micro-plastics. On the subject of plastics, the bottled water industry is indirectly responsible for incredible levels of pollution. Not only does the production of the plastic containers typically involve fossil fuels, but the containers also often end up in waterways, catchments and mangroves.

Installation of a water filter shower head can also help to improve the quality of your skin. Chlorine is added to water to help kill bad bacteria, but unfortunately, it kills the good bacteria also. Showering in fresh, clean water will smell better, taste better, and feel better against your skin.  As you will have less exposure to chlorine, your hair and skin will have more moisture and be a lot healthier. It’s a simple way to improve your appearance!




1. Pros

Water filter systems are a very cost-efficient way to ensure your drinking water is clean and healthy. Not only are they cheaper and more effective than bottled water, owning a water filter system means you don’t need to store bulky bottles around your house. This ease of access is a major benefit of water filters that bottled water just can’t compete with.

Being able to make as much filtered water as you need in the comfort of your house beats travelling to the shops to stock up on water. On top of these practical benefits, filtered water just straight up tastes good, and gives you ease of mind, as you know exactly where your water comes from and the process that keeps you safe.


2. Cons

The principal negatives of filtered water solutions are the upfront installation costs. With installation prices starting from $100, the bottled water option can sound like the immediate cost saving solution, but don’t be fooled.


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