ENCLOSE250 BiOxy Plasma Air Detoxifier




Every 10 Million (1 Crore) Infection units are destroyed per 30 minutes


ENCLOSE250 helps to increase Oxygen levels in the air, kill Infections, reduce dust particles and destroy toxic gases – all from a single device! This makes it a must-have instrument for COPD patients, asthma patients, lung-infected individuals, Pneumonia patients – and also for any homes having senior citizens.

Bioxy Plasma is a calculated mixture of Oxygen Plasma, Allotropic Oxygen Clusters (AOC) & Electrons. Bioxy Plasma attacks the infections floating in the air via aerosols or particulate matter and decomposes itself and the infections to non-toxic molecular Oxygen. This increases the Oxygen percentage in the air – giving us Oxygen-enriched and Infection-free air.

This Patented technology is completely electronic – thereby NO refilling or maintenance is required. Every 10 Million (1 Crore) Infection units are destroyed per 30 minutes.

Features –

Gradually Reduce the dependency on Oxygen life-support systems like Oxygen concentrators or Inhalers.

Kill Aerial / Aerosol contamination of ALL pathogens (Virus, Bacteria, protozoa, fungi, mould, etc). Protect your Lungs from all Infections.

Rapid Precipitation of Colloidal Dust particles, (which may also carry infections) onto the floor – thereby enabling patients to breathe particle-free air at homes and comforting their Lungs.



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