Sprite® Universal High Output Brass Shower Filter




The Sprite® High Output Brass Shower Filter has NSF-certified performance in a sleek, high-strength brass housing. Inside the housing is a replaceable 12-month filter cartridge (Model HOC) which contains Sprite’s exclusive blend of filtration media for a chlorine-free shower.

If you’re experiencing itchy skin or dryness after taking a shower, a shower filter is the solution. Unfiltered chlorine in shower water can result in numerous health problems including skin irritations, dry skin and hair.


System Benefits –

  • Effectively removes Free Chlorine (Cl-), Combined Chlorine (Sodium Hypochlorite), Sediment, Dirt, Iron Oxide (rust water) and Odour (Hydrogen Sulphide).
  • Ultra-high strength housing.
  • Reversible filter cartridge.
  • ABA plastic with a plated chrome finish.
  • Cartridge life approximately 12 months.
  • NSF certified to NSF 177