UV Guard MPX-Series

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Performance-optimised medium-pressure UV treatment for commercial applications. UV Guard’s MPX-Series offers compact, high-performance medium-pressure UV systems for flows up to 1000m3/hr. Variable power polychromatic UV lamp drivers deliver market-leading efficiency with smooth automatic dimming for ‘Optimised’ and customised ‘User Profile’ power modes. The MPX-Series is ideal for commercial swimming pools, water features, industrial process water, wastewater and potable water applications.

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Product Specifications 



Disinfection CapacityChloramine Reduction Capacity 


MPX2030 m3/hr20 m3/hr2″, 3″ PN16 Flange
MPX3553 m3/hr35 m3/hr3″, 4″ PN16 Flange
MPX5072 m3/hr48 m3/hr4″, 5″ PN16 Flange
MPX70108 m3/hr72 m3/hr4″, 5″ PN16 Flange
MPX90134 m3/hr89 m3/hr5″, 6″ PN16 Flange
MPX100149 m3/hr100 m3/hr5″, 6″ PN16 Flange
MPX120179 m3/hr119 m3/hr6″, 8″ PN16 Flange
MPX190284 m3/hr190 m3/hr8″ PN16 Flange
MPX250374 m3/hr249 m3/hr8″, 10″ PN16 Flange
MPX310463 m3/hr308 m3/hr10″ PN16 Flange
MPX390589 m3/hr393 m3/hr10″ PN16 Flange
MPX650981 m3/hr654 m3/hr12″ PN16 Flange
MPX8201228 m3/hr819 m3/hr12″ PN16 Flange

System Benefits –

  • Polychromatic UV Lamp technology delivers market-leading disinfection and breakdown of oxidants, Chloramines, Chlorine, TOC and Ozone

  • Intelligent ‘Optimised’ mode allows smooth automatic variable power of the UV Lamp according to changes in water quality

  • Large 7” HMI touchscreen and time stamped error log provides easy operation and system monitoring

  • Advanced energy efficiency with electronic UV lamp drivers for stepless variable power (14%-100%)

  • Compact footprint allows simple installation into existing plant rooms or new plant rooms in horizontal or vertical configurations

  • Convenient maintenance with UV Lamps and Quartz Sleeves easily accessible.


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