UV-Guard UV Spare Parts

UV-Guard UV Spare Parts: UV Lamps, Quartz Sleeves

UV-Guard supports its installed systems and customers by ensuring all UV disinfection spare parts remain in stock and are readily available when required. This includes UV lamps, quartz thimbles or sleeves, electronic ballasts or controllers, o-ring seals, wiper components, UV intensity sensors or monitors and many other miscellaneous UV disinfection system spare parts. 

View some of the UV-Guard UV replacement parts we offer below.

BrandModelUV LampQuartz Sleeve or ThimbleO-RingController/Electronic Ballast
UV-GuardUVG SLTl11010211063100640046, 40044, 40010
UV-GuardUVG SLT211018205333100640046, 40044, 40050, 40051
UV-GuardUVG S2011020202803100040046, 40044, 40050, 40051
UV-GuardUVG SLT30, UVG S3011030, 1103120295, 2029031001, 3100040046, 40044, 40050, 40051
UV-GuardUVG SLT40, UVG S40, UVG P4011040, 110412031031001, 3100040046, 40044, 40050, 40051
UV-GuardUVG S5511066202903100040081, 40090, 40089, 40091
UV-GuardUVG SLT75, UVG S75, UVG P7511074, 110752031031001, 31000, 3102540081, 40090, 40089, 40091
UV-GuardUVG SLT80, UVG S80, UVG S80-100, UVG P8011080, 110812014031006, 31010, 3102040081, 40090, 40089, 40091
UV-GuardUVG SLTI25, UVG S125, UVG S125-100, UVG P12511125, 11125-C2014031006, 31010, 3102040162, 40185
UV-GuardUVG SLT172, UVG S172, UVG S172-100, UVG P17211172, 11172-C2014031006, 31010, 3102040172, 40173
UV-GuardUVG S160, UVG S160-100, UVG Xl-160, UVG X2-160, UVG X3-160, UVG X4-160, UVG P16011160, 11160-C, 111612020031010, 3102040162, 40185
UV-GuardUVG S245, UVG S245-100, UVG Xl-245, UVG X2-245, UVG X3-245, UVG X4-245, UVG P24511248, 11248-C2020031010, 3102040248
UV-GuardUVG S440, UVG X1-440, UVG X2-400, UVG X3-440, UVG X4-440, UVG X5-440, UVG X6-440, UVG P1-440, UVG P2-440, UVG P4-44011440, 11441203603104440450, 40450-C

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