Water Filter Maintenance: What Should You Do When You Leave for Holidays?

Aqua Fresh shares tips to prepare your water filter systems for when you go on holidays.

Leaving on holidays requires preparation, whether you’re gone for a few days, a few weeks, or a few months. You turn off all appliances and power points, check to make sure the air conditioner is off, and make sure your doors are locked.

But what about your water filter system? Do you need to prepare your water filter systems for your absence? Depending on the type of water filter and how long you’ll be away, there are different practices to be put in place.

Why can’t you just leave it?

Water filters and home water purification systems remove all the different types of bacteria, chemicals, and contaminants. However, leaving water to sit for an extended period in these filtration systems leads to a build-up of these bacteria, growing in the stagnant water.

This build-up could make your water filter much less effective, meaning you’ll have to replace it, so taking the necessary steps to prevent that will save you money.

Going on Holidays for a Week or Less

When leaving for a short trip, we recommend leaving the filter inside your water purification systems where possible. Since most water filters can take days or weeks to dry (as they aren’t built to allow airflow), it would be pointless to dry down a whole system for less than a week of being away.

Going Away for a Month or More

When away from the house for an extended time, it’s important to remove the filter cartridges and make sure they are sufficiently dry before leaving. This is so you can store the filters in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place with no moisture rather than leaving them hanging over the sink. Make sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions for any specific care directions for that system.

Arriving Back Home

With every system, regardless length of time away, it’s important to flush the system. We recommend 10 minutes of running water through the water purification system to get rid of any bacteria build up, putting the chlorine filter in the last chamber if possible.


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