Why It’s Important to Have Clean Water for Your Employees

Healthier Water for a Healthier Workplace


Let’s face it – we spend the majority of our waking lives at work.

For most of us, our lives are made up mostly of work.

Companies are learning that acknowledging – rather than denying – this fact is not just the right thing to do, but also a sound business decision.

Research shows focusing on employee wellbeing and purpose is a smart strategy for building a strong business. The organisation only hurts themselves if they’re not working in the best interest of everybody at their organisation.

Why is this the case? Employee wellbeing is linked to employee engagement and productivity, and your organisation becomes stronger across the board when you make it a priority.

Hydration is quickly becoming a key part of this discussion. Clean and healthy water, from a filtration system, is not only good for your employee’s health but can also improve performance and productivity.


Five Reasons Why You Should Have Filtered Water In Your Workplace


Here are 5 reasons why filtered water can benefit your employees in the workplace and why a filtered water system should be installed at your workplace:


1. Reduces the Number of Sick Days

Although it may look clean and healthy, many employers and employees are unaware of the long-term risks unfiltered water can pose. At least 35% of gastrointestinal illness is water-related along with sepsis, poor digestion and more. Water filter systems eliminate the harmful bacteria and viruses in the water that cause these risks, keeping you and your employees healthy.


2. Filters out Chlorine and Toxins

Chlorine is ideal for swimming pool water as it treats and preserves it for a longer period, however, is very harmful if consumed over a long period of time. Chlorine reacts with the skin lining inside your body causing hydrochloric acid and hypochlorous acid to form. Both substances can be extremely poisonous to humans. Filtered water significantly reduces the chlorine found in water, protecting you and your employees.


3. Hydration Boosts Employee Productivity

Just a 1% drop in dehydration in a staff member’s body can decrease their work performance by 12%. Dehydration can cause an employee’s cognitive abilities to decrease, lowering their concentration and alertness levels. Drinking filtered water can help your staff to stay properly hydrated, energised and focused.


4. Installing a Water Filtration System Can Save Your Business Money and Space

As mentioned above, installing a water filtration system helps keeps you and your employees healthy and hydrated. This helps boosts productivity, can reduce sick days and saves your business money. Water filtration systems are also a cost-effective solution to constantly stocking plastic water bottles in the workplace for employees. You will also save yourself some storage space.


5. Reduces your Company’s Impact on the Environment

Plastic water bottles need to be disposed of in an environmentally-friendly manner otherwise they are putting a strain on the environment. If you have your own water filtration system available to your employees, this cuts down on the amount of plastic being used.


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