The Main Differences Between Filtered Water and Boiled Water

Aqua Fresh explains the main differences between filtered water and boiling water.

Water filtering systems are essential for you and your family’s health. But, does boiling water cut it?


Boiled water is an old but simple way to kill pathogens in your tap water, making it a little safer to drink.


As most people are aware, water boils at 100 degrees celsius, and most bacteria and microorganisms cannot survive for very long past temperatures of 70 degrees celsius.


In this article, we’ll explain the differences between boiled water and filtered water and which is better for your health.


Boiled Water

Boiling water can kill pathogens like bacteria and parasites however, it can’t remove any harmful contaminants from the water some of which include chlorine, heavy metals, fluoride, nitrates, pesticides and herbicides, viruses, and more.


This means that when boiling the water, the actual quality of the water will be the same as normal tap water, but at least the pathogens are dead.


Filtered Water

Filtered water is tap water that has been put through a water filter cartridge or chemical process to remove a range of contaminants to improve the taste, but more importantly, the quality of the drinking water.


Compared to boiling, filtered water is much faster to create and is much cleaner because numerous contaminants are actually removed during the filtration process.


With a properly installed filtration system, ordered through our website, you’ll see that the benefits of filtering tap water are undeniable.

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