Sewage Treatment

Aqua-Nova Sewage Treatment System

The Safer, More Reliable and Economical, Approved Wastewater Recycling System. With most sewage treatment systems essentially serving the same purpose with slight differences, choosing the right one for your property can be difficult.

Important Notice

As of the 5th September 2022 the sewage treatment service division of Aquafresh has been transferred to Maxfields Wastewater. All enquiries for service, repairs and new systems should be sent directly to Maxfields Wastewater.

Jamie and the team at Maxfields Wastewater have the same business ethos as Aquafresh and we are sure it will be business as usual.

Contact Jamie Maxfield on:

We take this opportunity to thank our valued sewage treatment customers some of whom have been with us since 1994.

The Aquafresh water filtration Division is continuing to expand as Aquafresh celebrates its 30th Anniversary.

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We are here to provide ongoing support and service, whether that is selecting the perfect product, installing your water filtration system or having a service technician come out to you. Please don’t hesitate to call us on 07 3355 1591 or send us your enquiries below.