The Importance of Regularly Replacing Your Water Filter Cartridge

Do you need a replacement water filter cartridge? Aquafresh explains why regularly replacing your water filter is so important.  

Regardless of what type of water filtration system you have, installing replacement water filter cartridges is a vital step in keeping your water safe and clean. To understand when and why you should replace your cartridges, keep reading.

How often should you replace your water filter?

Cartridges should be replaced generally every 6 to 12 months depending on the water filtration system. While sediment and carbon filters last around 6 months, inline and reverse osmosis filters can last 12 months. If you’re uncertain about the age and status of your filter, book a service with our water filtration professionals.

How do you know if your water filter needs replacing?

Signs that you need a replacement water filter cartridge include:

  1. Water has a bad taste or smell.
  2. Water pressure drops over time.
  3. Dirt and particulates appear in your water.
  4. The filter is older than 6 months.

If you experience any of these, inspect your water filter and replace it if necessary.

What will happen if you don’t replace your water filter?

As previously mentioned, an old water filter will make your water taste and smell bad, lower your water pressure, and fail to remove debris. While these alone should be good enough reasons to replace your filter, there are also health risks posed by expired water filter cartridges. Not only do dirty filters do a poor job removing bacteria, but they can serve as a breeding ground for it. If you’re concerned about the health of your family or employees, you should regularly install replacement water filter cartridges.

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