Alpine TJ Series Single Undersink Water Filter + Tap (Choice of 5)




The Alpine TJ Series Single Undersink Purifier is a 0.5 micron single undersink water filter system.

It fits neatly undersink and comes complete with a designer faucet and installation kit.


Product Specifications –

  • Type – Single Undersink
  • Model – Alpine SUTJ Series
  • Part Number – SUTJ3-K2-D
  • Micron Rating – 0.5 micron (nominal)
  • Flow Rate – 4 litres/minute (optimal)
  • Temperature – Max. 38 degrees C
  • Pressure – Max Pressure 125 psi (862 kPa)
  • Dimensions – 275 mm high x 95 mm wide x 93 mm deep


System Benefits –

  • Alpine SUTJ series undersink purifier is ideal for use where there is a low sediment load
  • Great for the smaller family or where space is at a premium
  • Compact appliance looking undersink water purifier
  • Designed to hang from the wall or conveniently sit on the floor under the kitchen bench
  • Twist lock design for ease of cartridge replacement
  • Installation kit includes-
    • FaucetDesigner Faucet
    • Inlet/Outet tubing
    • Watermark Pressure Limiting Antihammer Backfow Prevention Valve
    • Shutoff valve
    • Watermark  brass tee



Space saving single cartridge


Maintenance free. Sanitary Quick Change System.


*Warranty conditions: Cartridge life not included. 

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