AP9350+ Replacement Water Filter Cartridge


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Same as Raindance RD9352 Cartridge

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Product Specifications –

  • Part Number – RD9352  (same as AP9350+)
  • Micron Rating – 0.2 micron (nominal)
  • Flow Rate – 2.85 litres/minute
  • Suitable replacement cartridge for – AP9000+, AP9400+, RD6200
  • Temperature – Min 4.4 deg C Max 38 deg C
  • Pressure – Min 138 kPa Max 862 kPa
  • Capacity  – 2850 litres (max 11356L)
  • Dimensions – 340mm (when attached to head) x 82 mm


System Benefits

Removes Bacteria, sediment, tastes and odours, Giardia Cysts and Cryptosporidium.

Cartridge life expectancy: Recommended to be replaced at 12 months using Raindance designated drinking faucet depending on volume and quality of water supply


Space saving single cartridge

Maintenance free. Sanitary Quick Change System.

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