Raindance 1 micron “SureSeal” Carbon Cartridge


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SKU: CVM-68260Z


Hey Presto instant electric hot/cold water tap installs directly into a kitchen, laundry or elfresco sink. Cold water flows into the tap – no need for a hot water connection. Heats water up to a maximum of 50 degrees Celcius within 5 seconds. Requires only a 10 Amp supply. Tap has mixer control to provide water at all temperatures from ambient to 50 degees C.


Product Specifications –

  • Type – Carbon Cartridge
  • Part Number – CVM-68260Z
  • Micron Rating – 1
  • Flow Rate – 2 litres per minute
  • Suitable replacement cartridge for – Raindance countertop, single undersink or twin undersink purifiers
  • Temperature – 4 deg C to 38 deg C

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