UV Guard ABW-Series

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Automatic backwashing screen water filters. The ABW-Series is a range of reverse rinsing or automatic back wash screen filters that ensure a continuous supply of filtered water. The fine screen filters prevent foreign matter such as iron and suspended solids from passing. This protects pipes and infrastructure by reducing corrosion and sediment buildup. Additionally, these automatic backwashing filters are ideal for UV disinfection system pre-treatment.

The ABW-Series is a high flow capacity water filter used to remove sediment and debris in residential or commercial applications. Installed as a prefilter, the ABWSeries improves water quality for other water treatment devices such as RO membranes and UV disinfection systems. It also protects downstream pipes, appliances and fixtures from damage caused by sediment and rust.

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Product Specifications 

ModelConnection sizeFlow @ Dp = 0.5 barFlow @ Dp = 1 bar
ABW12½” BSP3.8 m3/hr4.5 m3/hr
ABW34¾” BSP5.5 m3/hr7.2 m3/hr
ABW11” BSP7.5 m3/hr9.8 m3/hr
ABW1141 ¼” BSP8.9 m3/hr10.7 m3/hr
ABW1121 ½” BSP15.6 m3/hr21 m3/hr
ABW22” BSP16.5 m3/hr22 m3/hr
ABW212DN65 Flange48 m3/hr70 m3/hr
ABW3DN80 Flange78 m3/hr110 m3/hr
ABW4DN100 Flange100 m3/hr130 m3/hr
ABW5DN125 Flange100 m3/hr130 m3/hr


System Benefits –

  • Screen sizes available in 20 μm, 50 μm, 100 μm and 200 μm apertures

  • Built-in backwash impeller provides efficient cleaning with supply pressures as low as 22 psi

  • Robust backwash mechanism

  • No shut-off or disassembly is required for cleaning

  • No interruption of flow during backwash

  • Time controller automatic backwash with 16 fieldselectable backwash intervals

  • Pressure differential backwash option increases efficiency by only backwashing when required

  • Battery backup to insure completion of backwash cycle despite power loss


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