UV Guard P-Series

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Versatile UV Water Disinfection for Aquaculture and Industrial applications of all sizes. UV Guard’s P-Series is a highly durable and versatile UV disinfection system for saline waters, thermal fluids and corrosive liquids. It is ideal in situations when preserving marine life is important, providing reliable disinfection and pathogen protection in small to large saltwater aquaculture applications, as well as use with corrosive fluids.

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Product Specifications 



Flow Rate@ 30mJ/cm2Flow Rate @250mJ/cm2 


P201.39 m3/hr0.17 m3/hr2″ Socket
P302.14 m3/hr0.26 m3/hr2″ Socket
P402.92 m3/hr0.36 m3/hr2″ Socket
P553.92 m3/hr0.48 m3/hr2″ Socket
P755.84 m3/hr0.71 m3/hr2″ Socket
P1057.67 m3/hr0.92 m3/hr2″ Socket
P8010.6 m3/hr1.28 m3/hr2″ Union
P12516.83 m3/hr2.02 m3/hr2″ Union
P17218.09 m3/hr2.18 m3/hr2″ Union
P16027.53 m3/hr3.31 m3/hr2″ Union
P24534.59 m3/hr4.16 m3/hr2″ Union
P1-440102.41 m3/hr12.29 m3/hr3″ Flange
P2-440208.6 m3/hr25.04 m3/hr4″ Flange
P3-440312.9 m3/hr37.55 m3/hr4″ Flange
P4-440382.67 m3/hr45.92 m3/hr6″ Flange

System Benefits –

  • Australian manufactured – a fully customisable and quality ensured product.

  • Zero harmful by-products, chemical free and environmentally friendly.

  • Proven performance and flexibility – can be used to disinfect total inflow, recirculation flow and effluent across a range of applications.

  • Durable, corrosion and electrolysis-resistant schedule 80 uPVC and HDPE UV reactors.

  • Optional controller features – you choose exactly what you need – indoor or weatherproof, lamp safety devices, UV intensity monitoring, over temperature protection and more.

  • Easy connection to existing plumbing infrastructure with a choice of industry standard inlet and outlet connections in different configurations.


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