UV Guard S-Series

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Versatile UV water disinfection for moderate-flow Industrial and Commercial applications. UV Guard’s S-Series is a robust, WaterMarkcertified UV water disinfection system. With 26 models and a series of highly customisable features, it offers an extremely versatile solution for industrial and commercial applications with flows up to 50m3/hour.

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Product Specifications 

ModelFlow Rate@ 30mJ/cm2Flow Rate @40mJ/cm2Inlet/Outlet
S200.52 m3/hr0.39 m3/hr½”, ¾” BSPT
S301.35 m3/hr1.01 m3/hr¾”, 1” BSPT
S40-622.19 m3/hr1.64 m3/hr1” BSPT
S40-762.94 m3/hr2.2 m3/hr1”, 1 ½” BSPT
S40X25.64 m3/hr4.23 m3/hr2” BSPT
S554.86 m3/hr3.64 m3/hr1” BSPT
S756.47 m3/hr4.85 m3/hr1”, 1 ½” BSPT
S805.67 m3/hr4.25 m3/hr2” BSPT
S80-1008.66 m3/hr6.49 m3/hr2” BSPT
S80X211.35 m3/hr8.51 m3/hr2” BSPT
S1058.27 m3/hr6.2 m3/hr1”, 1 ½” BSPT
S1259.07 m3/hr6.8 m3/hr2” BSPT
S125-10013.74 m3/hr10.3 m3/hr2” BSPT
S125X218.14 m3/hr13.6 m3/hr2” BSPT
S17212.28 m3/hr9.21 m3/hr2” BSPT
S172-10018.6 m3/hr13.95 m3/hr2” BSPT
S172X224.54 m3/hr18.4 m3/hr2” BSPT
S16014.63 m3/hr10.97 m3/hr2” BSPT
S160-10022.2 m3/hr16.65 m3/hr2” BSPT, 3”

PN16 Flange

S160X229.26 m3/hr21.94 m3/hr2” BSPT
S160-100X244.4 m3/hr33.3 m3/hr3” BSPT
S24516.82 m3/hr12.61 m3/hr2” BSPT
S245X233.63 m3/hr25.22 m3/hr2” BSPT
S245-10035.14 m3/hr26.36 m3/hr2” BSPT, 3”

PN16 Flange

S245-100X270.28 m3/hr52.71 m3/hr3” BSPT
S44045.14 m3/hr33.85 m3/hr3” PN16


System Benefits –

  • Certified to Australian WaterMark (Level 1).
  • Robust and durable food grade 316L stainless steel UV reactor.
  • Multiple inlet and outlet options to suit any application – BSP, sanitary or flanged in L or Z shape configuration.
  • American manufactured UV lamp types for different uses – Low Pressure, Low Pressure High Output, Low Pressure Amalgam and ozone producing.
  • Internal flow mixer – optimises UV exposure of all liquid passing through UV reactor.
  • Optional controller features – you choose exactly what you need – indoor or weatherproof, UV lamp safety devices, UV intensity monitoring, supervisory controller integration and more.
  • Convenient view port and transparent lamp lead window for UVi sensor integration and visual UV lamp inspection.
  • Adjustable mounting brackets – maximises installation flexibility – UV reactor can be rotated 180 degrees.


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