UV Guard X-Series

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Compact UV disinfection for large-flow Commercial and Industrial applications. UV Guard’s X-Series offers a range of highly customisable WaterMark-certified UV disinfection systems. Designed for long life with low maintenance, units are ideal for liquids with low UV Transmittance (UVT), high UV dose requirements and large flows (5,00m3/hour and beyond). Suitable for an extensive range of commercial and industrial applications.

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Product Specifications 



Flow Rate@ 30mJ/cm2Flow Rate @40mJ/cm2 


X1-16041 m3/hr31 m3/hr3″ PN16 Flange
X2-16069 m3/hr52 m3/hr3″ PN16 Flange
X3-160100 m3/hr75 m3/hr4″ PN16 Flange
X4-160131 m3/hr99 m3/hr4″ PN16 Flange
X1-24553 m3/hr40 m3/hr3″ PN16 Flange
X2-24592 m3/hr69 m3/hr3″ PN16 Flange
X3-245135 m3/hr101 m3/hr4″ PN16 Flange
X4-245176 m3/hr132 m3/hr4″ PN16 Flange
X1-44088 m3/hr66 m3/hr4″ PN16 Flange
X2-440133 m3/hr100 m3/hr4″ PN16 Flange
X3-440200 m3/hr150 m3/hr4″ PN16 Flange
X4-440349 m3/hr262 m3/hr6″ PN16 Flange
X5-440588 m3/hr441 m3/hr8″ PN16 Flange
X6-440682 m3/hr512 m3/hr8″ PN16 Flange

System Benefits –

  • Australian WaterMark-certified 316L grade stainless steel UV reactor.

  • Australian manufactured PLC – commercial industry standard with an array of customisable options.

  • Up to 16,000 hours operational lamp life with UVG LongerLife UV Lamps outlasting standard UVC lamps by up to 77%.

  • Reduced running costs with UV reactor precisely configured to maximise efficiency and performance.

  • Maximum flexibility with an extensive range of single and multiple lamped systems with an array of inlet and outlet connection sizes and types.

  • Space-optimised design allows disinfection of total flow to be achieved through a single reactor, reducing footprint requirements and plumbing infrastructure costs.


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