Puretec Radfire UV Spare Parts

Puretec Radfire UV Spare Parts: UV Lamps, Quartz

UV-Guard supply Puretec Radfire UV replacement UV lamps, quartz thimbles or sleeves, a-ring seals and many other UV disinfection system spare parts. We can support the older RSOO – RSOOO models in addition to the newer Hybrid H7 and RI series.

View some of the Puretec Radfire UV replacement parts we offer below.

BrandModelUV LampQuartz Sleeve or Thimble
Puretec RadfireRSOORL2RQS2
Puretec RadfireR1400RL3RQS3
Puretec RadfireR2700, RSOOO, R11000RL4RQS4
Puretec RadfireHybrid H7RL5RQS5
Puretec RadfireHybrid G6, Hybrid G7, Hybrid-G6 , Hybrid-G7, Hybrid GB, Hybrid-GB, Hybrid G9, Hybrid-G9, Hybrid RRL6
Puretec RadfireRl-6KRL6KRQS6K
Puretec RadfireRl-10KRL10KRQS10K
Puretec RadfireRl-17KRL17KRQS17K
Puretec RadfireRl-37KRL37KRQS37K

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