What are the differences between our Alpine Underbench Water Purifier Range?

Aqua Fresh explains the key differences between our Alpine Underbench Water Purifier Range.


An Alpine underbench water purifier is a convenient means of providing clean, fresh-tasting water free of contaminants at a fraction of the cost of bottled water. Although all systems are supplied with installation kits and plumbed conveniently under the sink, what are the key differences between a single, twin or three-stage system?

If you’ve been considering a new water filtration system for your drinking water, this article is for you.

Single Underbench Water Purifier

The Alpine TJ Series Single Underbench Purifier is a 0.5 micron single under bench purifier. It fits neatly undersink and is ideal for use where there is a low sediment load. This purifier is great for a smaller family or where space is at a premium.

Twin Underbench Water Purifier

The Alpine TJ Series Twin Underbench Purifier is a 0.5 micron twin undersink water purifier. This is our biggest selling system – a very efficient two-stage water purifying system. It protects from Cryptosporidium, Giardia Cyst and selected volatile organic compounds as well as reduces offensive odours, tastes, sediment and water clarity.

Three Stage Underbench Water Purifier

Alpine 3 Stage Underbench System features high capacity sediment reduction, carbon block and Nano Alumina Fibre technology to provide clean fresh tasting water with the added protection from bacteria and viruses – making the system ideal for use where the supply is from a rainwater tank.

Particularly if your supply is coming from a rainwater tank, a triple system can remove bugs, bacteria, metal from the roof, copper from the water pipes, herbicides and any pesticides that may have washed in from the roof.


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